Best Lash Extension Boutiques In New York

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As New York social distancing rules relax further to allow beauty parlours to reopen, we’re listing the best places to get eyelash extensions in the city to help make your eyes pop behind the masks this season.

Last year was one that changed everything—including our beauty routines. With mask-wearing has become part of the new normal, many of us found ourselves started investing in skincare solutions to combat maskne and new make-up products to try out all the mask-friendly make-up trends—you guessed it—smokey eyeshadow, winged liner and thick eyelashes. 

It’s always fun experimenting with new beauty products and make-up looks, but when it comes to the eyes, the faff of fake lashes and woes of messy mascara can add a lot of unnecessary frustration and time to getting ready.

If you’re one of those people wishing to save some time doing make-up and look fresh, bright-eyed 24/7, be sure to visit these New York beauty salons to experience the transformative power of eyelash extensions.

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